Appendix A - TCT Set Up & Support

Central, Candidate and Incumbent Support

  • Ad Platform Setup and Support

    The Campaign Team is an approved political advertising partner with Meta and Google. This top level of technical support and partner management enables rapid issue resolution. Our experience with all digital ad platforms minimises ad delivery problems during your campaign.

    • Meta - Instagram and Facebook

      • ID confirmation - If candidates and incumbents wish to run their own localised ads on Facebook or Instagram e.g. boost posts, they will need to be formally identified and authorised by Meta.        
      • Page setup - Meta assumes that candidate and incumbent pages are set up according to their best practice. While many candidate pages will be new, incumbents may have outdated page setups.
    • Google - YouTube, Search and Display
      • Ad ‘glitches’ - Google’s political content advertising policies do not apply to the state theory. Past experience has shown that state election ads shown in Australia often get incorrectly classified by Google and disapproved. This then requires escalation with Google’s Political Partner Manager to resolve.  
    • Direct - Fixed online publication bookings and Digital Out of Home
      • TCT will manage your bookings direct with the publisher. We have accounts and relationships with most digital media outlets.
    • Others - Any other platform that accepts political advertising
      • The political digital advertising landscape constantly changes. Many ad platforms no longer accept political ads. If a platform allows political advertising, we can access it.
  • Administration

    We manage ad platform accounts and invoicing so you don’t have to.

    • Invoicing - We work with your finance team to provide them with the style of invoicing that suits internal requirements for reporting and stakeholder management. We highly recommend the use of purchase orders to ensure expenditure sign off requirements are met. Invoicing is completed weekly and includes campaigns that concluded during that week, drawn down on the relevant purchase order. 
    • Reporting - We will supply with invoices copies of relating ad creatives, if required for reporting and payment purposes. 

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