Meta Account Support


Many account issues can be solved by following the steps outlined by Meta at If you require further assistance we can help.

The Campaign Team is onboarded Government and Political Partner with Meta.

We have been trained on issue resolution for government and political Meta accounts and have access to enhanced account management and support.

Time is billed in 30 minute increments.


New Meta Account Set Up

$150.00 + GST per hour
  • This service is for brand new account set up. If an exisiting account has been set up, please refer to the Meta Account Troubleshooting rate.
  • Business Manager Account Set Up
  • Meta Ads Manager Set Up
  • Migration from a 'Party Candidate Set Up' to a 'New Elected Official Meta Business Manager'.
  • New ad account set up for self-managed advertising. This includes disclaimers and ad account creation within exisiting Business Managers.

Existing Meta Account Troubleshooting

$190.00 + GST per hour
  • This service is for issue resolution for exisiting accounts.
  • Government official personal page issue resolution.
  • Government official public page issue resolution.
  • Exisiting Meta Business Manager issue resolution.

PLEASE NOTE: In some circumstances issues cannot be resolved due to Meta policies. If we can foresee this as a risk we will let you know. Existing account troubleshooting is much more complex than a new account set up. It usually requires multiple people to resolve.


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